Supreme Court Advocate in Delhi 

Tanwar Law Associates has an team of Supreme Court Advocate in Delhi for Criminal Matters, Service Matters, Civil & Armed Forces Matters.

Supreme Court Advocate in Delhi

We strive to provide quality services through the team of Supreme Court Advocates in Delhi qualified in various fields.

Best Supreme Court Lawyer in Delhi

If Delhi High Court or any other High Court decided any matter finally, then after parties can file appeal through supreme court lawyer in Delhi.  

Top 10 Advocates in Supreme Court 

Advocates in Supreme Court deals with appeals arising out of judgments and orders of various High Courts.  

Best Supreme Court Vakil in Delhi

Hindi Language people called to advocates as Vakil and thy can approach to Supreme Court Vakil in Delhi for filing of appeals.

सुप्रीम कोर्ट वकील कांटेक्ट नंबर

If someone is residing away from Delhi, however, he need a supreme court lawyer in Delhi.

In such situation, he should first contact through mobile number or email because knowing facts is mandatory for proper advice.    

We provide legal advice by the best supreme court advocates in Delhi because the main thrust is to encourage genuine litigation.

Top Lawyers in Supreme Court Court

One must feel confident that their our advocates handle legal matters with utmost attention, skill and confidentiality.

Criminal Advocate in Supreme Court

The team of our  criminal advocate in supreme Court Delhi  deal with the Special Leave Petition (Criminal), Appeals, Bail etc.  

Supreme Court Criminal Lawyers at Delhi

Efficient supreme court criminal lawyers at Delhi always make efforts to render advice for appealability of the impugned orders. 

Associate Advocates of our team deeply analyses the case file and render genuine legal advice to the clients. 

Best Bail Advocate in Supreme Court

Normally, when high court rejects any bail application accused does not file application to before Supreme Court because they think if Supreme Court also rejects their bail that may affect subsequent bail applications. 

In such situation people start searching best bail advocate in supreme court instead of consulting consulting local lawyers. 

Service Matter Advocate in Supreme Court

When any High Court upheld the decision of Disciplinary Authority and found inquiry fair.

In such situation service matter advocate in Delhi can render proper advice after examining the complete disciplinary proceedings. 

Supreme Court Advocate Contact Number

There are many advocates in Delhi being capital of India. Therefore, individual should first confident about the advocate's experience and expertise of the matter, then only, he should handover the case file to his lawyer.  

Teams of our advocates basically deals with the following legal matters pertaining to court litigations : - 

Constitutional Law

Criminal law

Service Law 

Armed Forces Law

Civil Law & Property Law

Best Criminal Lawyer in Supreme Court

For more than one decade team of best criminal lawyer in supreme court in Delhi have been a pillar of legal expertise in criminal matters.

We work cohesively to provide comprehensive legal services in criminal matters. 

Top 10 Criminal Lawyer in Supreme Court

Handling white-collar crimes to emotional defense, they've established a record of good success. Beyond courtrooms, they engage in pro bono work and community outreach.

Our team of the best criminal lawyer in Supreme Court High Court deals with following criminal matters : - 

          First Information Report

Criminal trial

Anticipatory Bail

Regular Bail

Offences under SC-ST Act matters.

Corruption Matters 

Divorce Matters

Quashing of FIR

Criminal Appeal 

Suspension of Sentence

Top Anticipatory Bail Lawyer in Supreme Court

Whenever anyone has any apprehension of police arrest and High Court has also rejected anticipatory bail application.

He can approach to supreme court criminal lawyer in Delhi for filing application for anticipatory bail. 

Supreme Court Advocate for Bail Matters

After rejection of Bail Application by High Court, individual has no remedy except wait for charge sheet or file bail application before Supreme Court at Delhi. 

In such situation individual may need Supreme Court Advocate for Bail Delhi for filing Bail Application in Supreme Court.   

Top 5 Corruption matter advocate in Supreme Court

Govt. employees faces complaint of corruption charges or any departmental inquiry about taking bribe, he can file petition for quashing of FIR.  

Accused can try of obtain anticipatory bail from Supreme Court through a good lawyer expertise in corruption matters.   

Best Bail advocate in Supreme Court

In present scenario we see that many false 498A IPC cases are registered against husband.

If the husband are genuine and has not committed any offence, he should approach Supreme Court for appropriate relief. 

Top Criminal Lawyers in Supreme Court

Our team has criminal lawyers in supreme court who have sufficient experience in criminal matters.

With Tanwar Law Associate’s assistance, you can readily connect with highly acclaimed criminal lawyers in Supreme Court.

Bail Lawyer in Supreme Court

In cognizable offence, police can arrest an accused therefore accused need to secure bail from supreme court at the earliest.

Our advocates also provide legal services for filing of Bail application before Supreme Court competent Court.

Criminal Appeal Advocate in Supreme Court

Once High Court upheld conviction in any offence in such situation individual has no remedy except to file criminal appeal before supreme court. 

Acquittal in POCSO cases by Supreme Court

Police register any case under POCSO Act, 2012 for alleged an offence of assault to any minor below age of 18 years of age.

As per section 29 of the POCSO Act, 2012, the special court trying the case “shall presume” the accused to be guilty.

Therefore, acquittal in POCSO cases by supreme court depends on the complete truth and evidence of the incident.  

307 IPC Anticipatory Bail lawyer in Supreme Court

As per FIR, if someone has committed an offence of attempt to murder under 307 IPC (Indian Penal Code).

And he feel that he has not committed any attempt to murder, in such situation he should approach to criminal lawyer in supreme court for Anticipatory Bail. 

Simultaneously, he should also avail remedy of petition under section 482 for quashing of FIR.   

Bail Advocate in Supreme Court

As per report of National Crime Record Bureau suicide cases have been increases in number and maximum cases belong to college going children and married women.

Mental Stress are also cause of such suicide cases registered under section 306 IPC.

In such situation accused person should immediately approach to criminal advocate near to him for appropriate legal advice and action.

Supreme Court Advocate for Criminal Matters

Our team of Supreme Court Advocate for Criminal Matters at Delhi effectively deal with Criminal Appeal and Bail matters.    

Criminal Lawyers in Supreme Court

We deal with the criminal appeal in Supreme Court, if any litigant feel aggrieved against the judgment of High Court. 

Every criminal lawyer in supreme court at Delhi should have complete knowledge of Indian Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Indian Evidence Act, POCSO Act, NDPS Act, NIA-138, Domestic Violence Laws, Divorce Laws, Maintenance Laws etc.  

Best Service Matter Advocate in Supreme Court

Our best service matter advocate in Supreme Court diligently deal with Service Matters in supreme court, Delhi High Court and the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) Delhi.

Furthermore, they are unwavering in their commitment to protecting employees' rights.

Supreme Court Advocate for service Matters in Delhi

Tanwar Law Associates deal with Stay on Disciplinary Inquiry, Stay on Transfer, Promotion, Reservation, Appointment, Selection, Recruitment and Pension in Central Govt. as well as State Govt Dept. 

Nowadays, the Supreme Court and High Courts are doing Judicial Intervention in Disciplinary Proceedings when criminal trial is pending. 

We also deal all type of service matters of Paramilitary Forces like BSF, CRPF, CISF, SSB, ITBP, Assam Rifles, RPF, Indian Coast Guard etc.

Service Matter Lawyer in Supreme Court 

Associate service matter advocate in Delhi deals with appeal against order of High Court because of experience in following service matters.

Civil Writ Petition Matters

Recruitment Matters 

Reservation in Appointment 

Appointment/ Selection matters

Disciplinary Inquiry Matters

Protection under Article 311 of Constitution of India

Probation of Temporary Employees 

Oral Termination to Private School Teacher

Challenging illegal Transfer Order

Compassionate Appointment Matters 

Dismissal from Service through Major Penalty 

Termination of Temporary Employee

Revocation of Suspension Order

Stay on Disciplinary Proceedings

Disciplinary Proceedings and Criminal P after Filing of FIR on Similar Facts

Termination of Permanent Teacher

Non Govt. Educational Tribunal Matters

Delay in Departmental Proceedings

Adverse Remarks in Annual Confidential Reports (ACR)

Service matter Advocate in Delhi

Central Administrative Tribunal is having jurisdiction to hear the service matter pertaining to Central Govt. employees, however, people directly approach to High Court by passing the alternative remedy. 

Supreme Court Service Matter Advocate in Delhi

Respective Service Rules, Conduct Rules and Term and Conditions of Appointment governs the employees.

Accordingly to service rules employee has to act or perform their duty, if they violate conduct rules, may face suspension. 

In case High Court decided any service matters against employees, the can file an civil appeal against the High Court Order.

Best Lawyers for Service Matter in Delhi

Temporary employees used to ask for regularization against permanent post in any Govt. Department or Public Sector Undertakings.

Court and Tribunals are deciding the cases on the basis of total days of service and continuity in service because no court can pass order of regularization without following settled law. 

Supreme Court Advocate Contact Number in Delhi

Supreme Court Advocate in Delhi deal with the matter pertaining to Industrial Dispute Act, 1947. 

And also appeal against decision of High Court on award under section 10 of ID Act and against approval of termination order under section 33(2)B of ID Act, 1947.

Supreme Court Service Matter Advocate list

Our supreme court advocates team deal with the appeal against the Judgments passed  by various High Courts specially in Criminal Matters and Service Matters. 

Labour Law Matter Advocate in Delhi

Workers works in company or industry and also governed by the Workman Compensation Act.

In some company, services of workman are through Contractor. Labour Law matter advocate in Delhi can handle any legal dispute about their terms and condition of workman. 

CAT matter advocate in Delhi 

Every employee want their retirement benefits at the earliest after retiring from service because retirement benefits consist pension, provident fund, gratuity amount etc.

State is liable to pay interest for delay in payment of retirement benefits, if employer delays in payment of retirement benefits. 

They can approach to Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) if they are civilian employees and before High Court if they are BSF/CISF/CRPF/ITBP employees.

Service Matter Advocate in Delhi High Court

Delhi High Court has jurisdiction over the Service Matters like Discipline, Promotion, Pension, Inquiry matters.

Many times Candidates commits minor mistake in application form while applying for any post in Govt Department. 

If both Criminal and Disciplinary Proceedings are running, in such situation, individual can file petition seeking Stay on Disciplinary Proceedings.

Only Service Matter Advocate in Delhi High Court can easily help the individual in order to get stay on the disciplinary proceedings.      

Best Armed Forces Tribunal Lawyer in Delhi

Our best armed forces lawyer in Delhi deal with Armed Forces matters like Court Martial, Discipline, Disability Pension, Invalid Pension.

The team of AFT matter advocates in Delhi deal and specialize in Armed Forces Law.

And also deal with Para-military Forces BSF, CRPF, CISF, ITPB, SSB, RPF, Assam Rifles, Indian Coast Guard matters before the Armed Forces Tribunal and Delhi High Court  in following matters : -

Court of Inquiry 

Summary Trial 

Recovery from pension 

Court Martial Proceedings   

No Objection Certificate

         Lien Period with Previous Employer

Disability Pension 

Disciplinary Action 

Minor Punishment  

Dismissal From Service etc. 

Best Military Lawyer in Supreme Court

The persons subject to Army Act, Air Force Act, Navy Act can file OA before Armed Forces Tribunal (Principal Bench) Delhi. 

Military Lawyer in Supreme Court at Delhi can handle such cases effectively and efficiently if anyone want to challenge the order of AFT/ High Court. 

Advocates for AFT matter in Supreme Court

Tanwar Law Associates has good team of the best advocates for AFT matters in Supreme Court Delhi for pursuing the Appeal in Supreme Court. 

AFT matters like Court Martial, Court of Inquiry, Minor Punishment, Disability Pension, Summary Tribunal, individual can approach to AFT Delhi. 

Armed Forces Matter Advocate in Supreme Court

Earlier High Courts were adjudicating the service matters the Army, Navy, Air Force, however, since 2009, after enactment of Armed Forces Tribunal Act, 2007, AFT Delhi has jurisdiction over all service matter of armed forces personnel.

However, with regard to para-military matters of BSF/CISF/ITBP/SSB/Assam Rifles, High Courts are having jurisdiction over the Para-Military matters. 

Supreme Court Advocate for Army/ Navy/ Air Force Matters

Those advocates have deep knowledge of Army/ Navy/ Air Force matters can deal such matters in Supreme Court against High Court/ AFT Orders.  

Under Section 30 and Section 31 of the Armed Forces Tribunal Act, 2007, aggrieved person from AFT order can file appeal before Supreme Court.

However, High Court can also entertain Writ Petition against AFT Judgments related to Military Personnel after recent Supreme Court Order. 

Now, aggrieved party is filing Appeal against AFT Judgment in High Court under Article 226 and Delhi High Court is deciding the matters.

Army Matter Advocate in Supreme Court 

If AFT and High Court decides the matter against the army soldier for his entitlement, he can file appeal in supreme court through good army matter advocate in supreme court. 

Disability Pension Advocate in Supreme Court

Maximus legal case in Armed Forces Tribunals/ High Court/ Supreme Court are related to disability pension.

Supreme Court deal decides every case on merit , and there are number of settled case laws on disability pension in armed forces

Best AFT Advocate in Delhi

Mostly the AFT adjudicates the matters of Disability Pension, Discipline Matters and other service matters of of Army / Navy / Air Force.

Court Martial Advocate in Delhi

Being different type of litigation only few best aft advocate in Delhi are able to handle such matters in Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) in Delhi. 

Court Martial Advocate in Delhi are fully acquainted with the Army Act/ Air Force Act/ Navy Act matters.

Recently Supreme Court of India held that Appeal against AFT Judgment in High Court is maintainable. 

Car Accident Lawyer in Supreme Court

Our Advocates also deal with the Car Accident matter and accident claim matter arising out from injury or death of someone due to accident.

Disability Pension Advocate in Delhi

A disable soldier may need Disability Pension Advocate in Delhi for claiming Disability Pension from AFT Delhi.

Disability Pension in Armed Forces was always debatable subject between Govt. and Disable Soldiers.

Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) New Delhi held that recruit also entitled for disability pension .  

  MACT matter advocate in Supreme Court

Motor Accident Claim Tribunal is empowered and competent Court to deal with the accident claim.

In our team MACT matter advocate in Delhi are associating with us. They also deal with petition for the enhancement of compensation before High Court and Supreme Court.if someone feels MACT awarded less compensation. 

Best Property Lawyer in Supreme Court

Only the best property lawyer in supreme court can advice over property disputes like vacant land, plot or house etc. among family member or against other parties. 

Property Matter Advocate in Supreme Court 

Team of the property matter advocate in supreme court also deal with property disputes,  whenever, anyone want to challenge High Court Order deciding property disputes. 

Best Civil Matter advocate in Supreme Court

Anyone may need a best civil advocate near by to his house to resolve civil dispute problem like land dispute, stay on agriculture land etc. 

Land Acquisition Matter Advocate in Supreme Court

Sometimes, few people feel that High Court has not held the land acquisition illegal and awarded less compensation. 

In such situation they can file appeal before supreme court against the order of high court holding the land acquisition legal and proper. 

Matrimonial Dispute Advocate in Supreme Court 

Life Partner's disputes are called family disputes and we also litigation pertaining to Marriage Disputes.

Matrimonial Dispute Advocate in Supreme Court can help to file transfer petition for transferring their case to another court.

Cheque Bounce Lawyer in Supreme Court

As everyone know that Cheque bounce is a criminal offence under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act of 1881. 

And Court can award punishment of two year imprisonment and penalty of twice of Cheque amount.

If someone's Cheque has been misused by opposite party and Court convicted guilt, he can approach to Supreme Court Lawyer for Appeal. 

Divorce Lawyer in Supreme Court at Delhi

If someone wants to file appeal in Supreme Court against High Court Order in Divorce Matters.

Our Divorce Lawyer in Supreme Court at Delhi can help them to settle their matter through mediation otherwise through litigation. 

Best Divorce Advocate in Supreme Court

Due to misunderstanding between spouses  or other relevant causes, divorces cases are increasing in Family Court Delhi.

Domestic Violence and mantle harassments are the main cause of the divorce and our associate divorce lawyer in Delhi can handle such cases efficiently. 

Senior Advocates in Supreme Court

Tanwar Law Associates has team of senior associates who has rendered sufficient practice in various Courts.

Our Senior Legal Associates in Supreme Court helps in filing SLPs against Judgments of High Courts.

Best Lawyer in Supreme Court for Divorce

If you are searching best lawyer in Delhi for Divorce then you can consult to our associates advocates who are dealing such divorce matters in family courts.

Top Divorce Lawyer in Supreme Court

Divorce has become so easy step for spouses that they take such steps of divorce without thinking deeply on the issues and outcome of the matter.

Sudden provocation force them to approach top divorce lawyer in Delhi and file divorce petition and contest cases up to Supreme Court. 

Our Supreme Court Advocate in Delhi also tries to help poor people to get justice after knowing the complete facts and grounds.

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