What is Invalid Pension in Army / Navy/ Air Force & Eligibility ?

Invalid Pension

What is Invalid Pension Pension?

Defense personnel normally confuse between Disability Pension and Invalid Pension.

An employee is entitled for Invalid Pension when he is discharge from service medical grounds.

Means he has been declared medically unfit for further employment by competent medical board.

Whether disability is attributable or not, it is completely irrelevant for the grant of  this Pension.

Invalid Pension in Army / Navy / Air Force

Earlier every soldier has to render 10 years minimum qualifying service for grant of Invalid Pension.

And is disability is not required to be attributable to military service.

The rate of this Pension is equal of service element of disability pension i.e. Fifty Percent of Last Basic Pay.

As per Regulation 198 of the Pension Regulations, 1961 which says length of Service for grant of Invalid Pension.

Dispensing minimum qualifying Service of 10 years

Govt. of India in their letter dated 12.02.2019 has dispensed with minimum qualifying service of 10 years.

Consequently, every Central Govt. Employee boarded out from service by medical board is entitled for this Pension despite of he has completed minimum qualifying service for acquiring service pension.

Applicability GoI letter on Army/ Navy / Air Force 

Whether the aforesaid letter is applicable to Army/ Navy/ Air Force ?

The answer is Yes, on pursuant to GoI letter dated 12.02.2019, Ministry of Defence has issued a letter dated 16.07.2020.

However, MoD in letter dated 16.07.2020 has inserted additional words about the “unfit for civil reemployment

Medical Board gives a certification about the fitness for civil employment, if medical board declares a solider fit for civil reemployment.

In such situation, the soldier may be denied for this Pension, however, Armed Forces Tribunal has declared these words unconstitutional and beyond their scope.

Accordingly, a soldier including recruits of Army / Navy / Air Force are entitled for Invalid Pension, if he has been discharged from service on medical grounds.  

And the same provision is applicable for paramilitary forces i.e. BSF/ CRPF/ CISF/ SSB.

Frequently Asked Questions on Invalid Pension

(a)     Military Hospital discharged me from Service through Invalid Medical Board 20 Years ago, Can I ask Invalid Pension now ? 

Ans.   Pension is continuous wrong and cause of action arise every month, thus you can file the case for grant of Invalid Pension.

(b)     In the year of 1969 minimum qualifying service for Invalid Pension was 10 years. Am I eligible for Invalid Pension ? 

Ans.  Now, policy has changed, you can ask from the date from which it has been sanctioned to others.

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